10 May 2014


Home assignment has now come to an end. As always it's been a privilege and a joy to meet everyone again and share a little bit about what God is doing in Peru. At some of the visits we were able to show a couple of short videos focussing on the work in Nauta and Huambutio. If you didn't get to see them, or if you want to see them again, we've posted them below.

9 Feb 2014

Pray for Peru

This week the BMS Prayer Guide is once again focussed on Peru. Please join us in praying for the following:
  • Sunday Pray for Peru’s Evangelical Baptist Convention (CEBP), equipping churches for outreach and growth of the kingdom of God.
  • Monday Pray for the work of the CEBP Social Work Department.
  • Tuesday Pray for: the fledgling church in Yucay; Bible study and Qhali WiƱanchis Social Project in Huambutio village; and for BMS workers James and Julia Henley.
  • Wednesday Pray for: Scott Williamson leading El Puente church, Cusco and Anjanette Williamson working in Qhali WiƱanchis clinic.
  • Thursday Pray for: Laura-Lee Lovering on Home Assignment and for the ecological income generation projects she has been developing in Nauta.
  • Friday Pray for the new group attending the Integral Mission training course in Nauta, organised by Gill Thurgood and Harland Rivas, together with Pastor Luis Alvarado.
  • Saturday Pray for Sarah MacArthur, arriving in Peru for six-month’s language study before moving to Loreto to work on environmental and church projects.

6 Feb 2014

And we're back...

Apologies for the slight delay in this post, but we wanted to write a quick note to let you know that after an exhausting but relatively good journey, we're safely back in the UK.

Many thanks to all who were praying for the journey. In the next couple of days we'll post our home assignment schedule. Looking forward to see lots of you soon!

25 Jan 2014

The Final Countdown

We've just seven days left until we leave Peru, and life at the moment is a fairly frantic blur of boxes, packing, paperwork, visits to the immigrations office and police, more paperwork and desperately trying to remember everything that we need to do!

Our work hasn't gone completely on hold though, and we've been busy trying to make the most of our last few weeks here and 'end well'.

In Yucay we've made the most of the school summer holidays to hold a couple of special activity mornings for some of the children we've been working with over the last couple of years. These included Bible stories, games and worksheets and seemed to be good fun! Please pray for all the children we've seen in Yucay - pray that whatever seeds of the kingdom have been sown would continue to grow and flourish.

In Huambutio we've also been making use of the holidays to run, along with others from El Puente, a weekly children's club based around the theme of 'Creation'. Thanks to a a lot of hard work, especially from our colleague Carla, the children have had a great time learning the creation story and making some impressive craft to take home. Please pray for Carla (a BMS supported partner worker) and the rest of the team working in Huambutio. We're excited about what the future has to bring for the project there, and believe that God has great plans for the town.

Finally, last week James was back in Nauta teaching at the Training Centre for pastors and leaders. Although
there were slightly less there than normal, it was another great week focussed on an introduction to the Bible and some basics of Christian doctrine. This is the start of the third full year of courses at the training centre - please pray for the whole team working there, especially as they try to discern how God wants them to keep adapting and improving what they are offering. Pray also for the pastors and leaders who come along - that they would have unity and the strength to keep going in often very difficult circumstances.

27 Dec 2013

Vilcabamba Landslide

We've been watching over the last few days as the BBC have reported on the storms hitting Britain at the moment. We hope that none of you are too badly affected and that you manage to stay safe through it all.

Here in Peru we've not yet seen the massive flooding of previous years, although rainy season is only just getting underway. Despite this, last week we heard of a small community where some of our clinic patients live who have been affected by landslides caused by the rain.

It seems that as part of the government construction of a new road to Paucartambo, a load of rubble, stones and mud were dumped at the side of the road. After a period of particularly heavy rain, this was all washed down into an already overflowing river, which in turn dumped it in the 'chacras' (small fields) of a number of local farmers. This has destroyed a lot of maize which would have been ready for harvest in April, and on which many of the locals rely for their basic diet.

Vilcabamba Landslide from J Henley on Vimeo.

In theory the government should pay compensation, but as so often in Peru, persuading them to hand over the money could be easier said than done! We are keeping in contact with the community to see if or how we might be able to help out. In the meantime, please keep all those affected in your prayers. Most of them simply don't have the contingency funds to allow for setbacks like this, so the future is very uncertain.