22 Nov 2010

And the winner is...

Some of you will know that whilst we have felt called to South America for a long while, there has been less certainty about which country we might end up in.  Well... the big news here is that we are almost certainly going to Peru early next summer!  After a long while of thinking and praying it seems right that we go and serve as church planters with the Baptist Convention of Peru. It's great to have a country fixed so that we can now begin to plan and learn about Peru's people and history.  And we can begin to get excited!  Thank you so much to those of you who've been praying for this decision.  It's been a while in coming, but we do believe it is right.

Although a specific location is less definite, it looks like we may well go to live in a small town called Urubamba in the Andes.  Check out pictures of it on Flickr... it's in the Sacred Valley where the landscape is stunning!

Please continue to pray for us too.  We have up and down days and sometimes the idea of leaving family and friends feels really painful.  Please remember us and our families in your prayers as we prepare to go overseas.  Please pray that we would all know God's comfort, peace and strength for the months ahead.  Thank you!

Photo credits: Rio Urubamba (c) Phillie Casablanca; Colors! (c) Chang'r

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