30 Jan 2011

Harrow A Link Visit

We've just got back from a very enjoyable weekend with our Link churches in Harrow. On Saturday South Harrow Baptist hosted a tea at which we shared a bit about our journey so far and what we're likely to be doing when we get to Peru. Then this morning Julia preached and led at Pinner Free Church whilst James preached at Hatch End Free Church.

Many thanks to everyone we met for your kind hospitality, warm welcome and loving support.

25 Jan 2011

January 2011 Prayer Letter

Our first BMS prayer letter is now out and can be downloaded by clicking here or via our page on the BMS website here.

If you would like to receive our prayer letters by post you can sign up on the BMS website here. Alternatively, you can sign up to our email mailing list, which we hope to use once we're in Peru to send more regular updates. To do this just fill in the form on this page.

Thank you once again for all your support, prayers and encouragement. They really are appreciated!

24 Jan 2011

Stamps, Signatures and St Paul's

This week we've had a busy time starting the visa application process! First of all we had to travel to Milton Keynes (of all places!). Here we had to see a solicitor, who verified our documents, then visit the Foreign Office who...verified our documents again! The following day we took all our papers down to the Peruvian Consulate in London where they...you guessed it, verified our documents!

Initially we went into the Peruvian Embassy and instantly felt like peasants! We were more than a little relieved to be told we were in the wrong place and needed to go outside and down into the basement, which was a lot less daunting and more like a doctor's waiting room. We found that the process has all been simplified since Peru joined the Hague Convention late last year, which meant that what should have taken two days actually took two hours, leaving lots of time for sight seeing! 

The next step is to send all our documents to Lima for processing. This will take a few months, but after that we can apply for visas. All has gone smoothly so far! Please thank God with us and pray that this will continue to be the case.

10 Jan 2011

The Ropers & The Williamsons

At IMC we are training alongside around twenty other long-term and mid-term mission workers who will be going out to serve all around the world. Mid-termers don't receive as much UK based training as long-termers, which meant that at Christmas we had to say goodbye to some of our friends who'd come to the end of their time at IMC.

These included Amanda & Neil Roper and their children Daniel & Sophia. The Ropers flew to Peru just a few days ago and, after a few weeks in Lima sorting out visas and paperwork, will be based in Cusco, which means that they'll be just down the road from us. There they will be working with the Baptist churches helping them to develop work with youth, children and families. Please pray for them as they begin to adapt to life in a new (and strange!) country. Pray that all the administration and travelling goes smoothly, and pray especially for the children as they find themselves in very unfamiliar surroundings. If you want to follow their progress, you can read their blog at http://theropersinperu.blogspot.com.

Also in the UK at the moment are Scott & Anjanette Williamson, with their children Jessica & Samuel. Scott is a Baptist minister and Anjanette a GP, and they are also based in Cusco. They are currently back on home assignment and will return to Peru in February. Please pray for them as they visit link churches, spend time with family and also (hopefully) have a rest. They also have a blog at http://www.williamsonsinperu.blogspot.com.

It has been really good to get to know both families over these last few months and to know that when we finally get to Peru we will have friends there waiting for us. We hope to have a prayer letter out in the next couple of weeks in which we'll share a bit more about life here at IMC as well as some more details about what we'll be doing in Peru.