20 Oct 2011

BMS Birthday Scheme - Prescription For Life

This years BMS Birthday Scheme video features Anjanette Williamson and the work she's doing as a doctor in a Christian clinic in Cusco. Please take a look and share the video in your churches if you can!

Birthday Scheme - Prescription for life from BMS World Mission on Vimeo.

9 Oct 2011

Prayer Focus on Peru

This week the BMS Prayer Guide is focussed once again on Peru. We know that many of you are praying for us already and are very grateful for that. If you get the chance it would be great if you could also pray for the rest of the team here during the following week.

Sun 9th - Julia and James Henley as we continue with language study and start to think about the practicalities of moving to the Sacred Valley.

Mon 10th - Margaret Swires, senior BMS mission worker in Peru, as she works to support Peruvian churches around the country in a whole range of social projects, especially in the area of domestic violence. Margaret is currently in the UK receiving treatment for breast cancer. Please keep her and her family especially in your prayers at this time.

Tues 11th - Anjanette Williamson working in La Fuente clinic in Cusco and supporting husband Scott in the church plant, where their children Samuel (6) and Jessica (8) are lively participants!

Wed 12th - Amanda and Neil Roper, youth and children’s work specialists working with the church plant in Cusco. Pray too for Daniel (4) and Sophia (2).

Thurs 13th - Harland Rivas and Gill Thurgood with Lilia (1) and Ingny (4) who have just returned to the Amazon town of Iquitos after three months in the UK.

Fri 14th - Laura Lee Lovering, an environmental project manager, who is currently studying at IMC. In 2012, Laura will move to the holistic mission training centre in the town of Nauta, on the banks of the MaraƱon river.

Sat 15th - BMS supported partner worker Robert Murrogarra who heads up evangelistic mission by boat in riverside communities near Nauta, along with pastor Luiz Alvorado.

Please also keep in your prayers Mark Greenwood, our newly appointed Regional Team Leader, and the Peru Action Team, who are due to arrive in Cusco in a couple of weeks time.

8 Oct 2011

10 lessons we’ve learnt so far in Peru!

1) Always always check cream biscuits before biting into them – you never know, the contents of someone’s nose could be sandwiched inside.

2) It’s best to carry toilet paper – it’s not always available here when you need it and you never know when that might be!

3) There is always room for another type of carbohydrate in a meal.

4) Personal space does not exist on a bus, what’s mine is yours and yours is mine; whether limbs, odour or chickens!

5) Lane markings, stop signs, traffic lights, seatbelts, indicators, lights, crash helmets and traffic police are for decoration only. Nothing more.

6) Don’t be foolish enough to expect to follow the age old British advice of ‘Don’t get off the bus before it stops,’ as it very rarely happens!

7) Sweating is good. Air conditioning is available in the fitness class, but why put it on in if you can sweat until the mirrors steam up instead!?

8) Maintaining and fostering relationships with friends and family is more important than anything else.

9) Official charges such as taxes, traffic fines and tickets are not as serious as you might think. You should avoid paying for as long as possible.

10) Don’t expect to keep your self-respect when learning another language. Everyone will laugh at your attempts, especially 6 year olds, who can be very smug about it! 

2 Oct 2011

Harvest Celebrations

It's been lovely over the last few weeks to hear from lots of churches who've been using the BMS Harvest material, 'Sacred Soil' (highlighted below) in their celebrations this year.

If you  haven't seen or used the Sacred Soil material as yet, it's not too late! It focuses on the work that our colleagues have been involved with in the village of Yucay in southern Peru and the way that BMS funding has made such a difference in the lives of many people. Yucay is almost certainly the area where we'll be going to live after Christmas to continue to share God's love and care with people there. They still have many needs and lots of families are still struggling to rebuild homes and livelihoods after the flooding. So please pray for them!

Thank you to New Addington, Hatch End Free, Camrose, and Calvary Baptist Churches, who all asked for updates recently. We also had fun pre-recording a skype message with Budleigh Salterton Baptist  last week and had a live skype link with Worthing Baptist today followed by a live phone call with Emmanuel and Bethania Baptist Churches (Llanelli) later on.

We do love hearing from you all (by whatever means) and of course it was great to be able to share how we're doing and ask for your prayers. We're really grateful to God for the modern technology that allows us to keep in touch so easily!