29 Feb 2012

Home Sweet Home...

So, after 40 hours of sitting on buses, 4 days walking around in the rain, endless conversations with people sending us from pillar to post and looking at several houses that James couldn't stand up in, we now have a house!

This weekend we signed contracts and collected the keys of what will be, for the next year at least, our home in Urubamba in the Sacred Valley. It's a great house and a real answer to prayer. Huge thanks to those who have been praying for us as we've searched and put out feelers over the last few months. And thanks too to Scott and Anjanette Williamson in Cusco for putting us up in their home and for helping us negotiate the renting process in Peru.

We're really excited about the house. Although it's a little bigger than we had imagined, it will be an excellent place to begin our ministry and a base from which to get to know the community better. It also has a small but lovely garden and should offer us a place to relax and begin to feel at home. Please keep praying. Moving in could be a challenge as the dirt track that leads up to the house is, for the moment at least, very waterlogged and at least some of the furniture may have to go over the wall rather than through the small garden gate!

Please also pray as we try to get our driving licenses over the next few days. We need to finish this process in Arequipa before we can move to the Valley. So please pray for success in exams and favour from the officials who will check our paperwork. It's a good thing that for God, all things are possible!

Urubamba. The house is over on the left.

12 Feb 2012

BMS Day of Prayer 2012

On Monday 13th February BMS are inviting people to join in their 2012 Day of Prayer. BMS staff and mission personnel will be setting aside the day to pray for the work and vision as we look to the future.

If you would like to join in, there are a number of resources on the BMS website including:

  • the main programme of prayer with prayer points for each hour of the day covering different parts of the world
  • a new all-age prayer with PowerPoint suitable for use in a Sunday service
  • prayers and readings for individual use
  • prayer letters from mission workers
 You can also visit the BMS Prayer blog, which will have a special Day of Prayer focus. Thanks for your support and prayers!

8 Feb 2012

The rain in Arequipa falls mainly...all the time!

Well we’re now back in Arequipa and enjoying all that ‘rainy season’ has to offer.  This year the rain in the highlands has been especially heavy, causing the Rio Chili that runs through the centre of the city to be in danger of over-flowing its banks.  Yesterday we watched a valiant attempt to rescue five dogs that were stranded on a small island that had formed as the waters rose round about them.  Sadly homes are under threat too as the waters rise and crops are damaged by flooding.  Please pray for those affected and of course for the rains to ease.

For us the rain is inconvenient but nothing more.  Strangely in fact it helps us feel at home, except of course for the intermittent sunshine.  Here you can purchase ponchos and umbrellas  from street vendors everywhere whilst the rain falls and the moment it stops the merchandise changes to sunglasses!

We are getting back into a routine after a very busy and travel-filled January. We are back at language school each morning and enjoying learning more about culture and the church (as well as trying to sort out our persistent mistakes!) and in the afternoons we’re working towards obtaining Peruvian driving licenses.  Going through the application process hasn’t been entirely straightforward so far and is proving to be quite a test of patience.  Peru is a country that seems to love paperwork and we’re accumulating quite a lot of it as we fill in forms and provide copies of all of our documents and certificates.  We have already had a physical check and a psychometric test to check our suitability to drive.  Whilst some of the questions were ‘interesting’ and a little bemusing as to their relevance, we both passed without any problems.  So after we provide a few more documents we get to take the theory test - please pray for us in this as it’s quite a learning curve, with many of the answers taking us quite by surprise!

We’ll keep you posted on our progress!