23 Mar 2012

Settling in to Urubamba...

We can hardly believe it but it’s a week today that we moved into our home in Urubamba. There is still much to do, but slowly we are getting ourselves sorted. We still seem to be making daily trips to the market to buy yet more stuff and then piling ourselves onto motor taxis (motorbikes with two seats attached to the back) complete with kitchen bin, vegetable rack, mop and bucket... you name it. It’s a comical sight, but nothing like as comical as watching our three piece suite disappearing down the road strapped precariously to the roof of a taxi the day we bought it! It’s home delivery but not as we know it! Moving house in Peru has certainly been an experience.

The strange thing for us has been the absence of the usual string of friends and family that would normally be queuing up to visit when you move house. For this reason it was really nice to welcome the Peru Action Team for a day this week. They travelled down to the Valley to see us and we spent a very hot morning climbing a fairly large hill, with no shade just a mile or so from our house. Thankfully the climb was rewarded at the top by an amazing view of the Salt Pans of Maras. Whilst not in use at this time of year, a local informed us that normally there are 400 people working there, refining and gathering the salt to be sold all over the region. It was amazing to see the white and caramel terraces stretching out before us and it was great to be able to invite the team back to our home afterwards for lunch and a well earned sit down!

After lunch we burnt all our packing boxes in the garden – quite a significant moment really, as they’ve been part of our lives now for 10 months! We also spent some time praying for one another. The team prayed for our home, our ministry here in Urubamba and for God’s guidance in these early months and we prayed for them as their time in Peru draws to a close. Amy, Jess, Liz and Rob have been here since October and in two weeks will travel back to the UK to tour churches and schools sharing some of their experiences. Please pray for them as they spend their last two weeks here in Peru. They’ve learnt many new things and will have lots to process as they return home and begin their tour. Please ask for God’s blessing and safe keeping on them and for Him to guide their next steps into the future.

11 Mar 2012

And they're off...

Well, after successfully passing our driving theory test (thanks so much for your prayers!), tomorrow we leave Arequipa to begin moving into our new home.  We’ve spent the last couple of days packing up and trying to make sure we have everything we need and today we went out for a lovely lunch with our host family.  We ate at ‘El Gaucho,’ an excellent Argentinean meat restaurant in the centre of Arequipa, which we’d recommend to anyone! It was the first place we went out for dinner with our hosts back in August, so it seemed a fitting (and tasty) way to end too.  We will be really sad to leave Julio, Miriam and their family as we’ve so enjoyed getting to know them and being made to feel very much part of their family over the past 9 months.

Yesterday we also put the world right again, by adding a Union Jack to the collection of International flags at our language school.  It was good to pop in again and sign the leaving book and to offer our thanks to all our great teachers for the final time.

There is sadness in leaving, but we’re also very excited to be able to begin settling into our new community in Urubamba.  We’ll try to keep you posted as we get settled, although internet could be patchy for the first few weeks until we get ourselves sorted.  But please continue to pray for us, for the documents that we’re awaiting from the DVLA and for the moving process.  There’s lots to do!