31 May 2012

El Señor de Torrechayoc

In 1650 a huge earthquake destroyed the main route between Urubamba and Lares, a nearby town. Local tradesmen wanting to travel to and from Lares were forced instead to use a high and dangerous mountain pass, with heavy taxes imposed by the owners of the hacienda that the new route passed through. Because the route was only used by indios, the Peruvian government showed little interest in repairing the road, and it wasn't until a couple of hundred years later that a group of locals decided to get together and do it themselves.

2 May 2012

Flooding in Iquitos

Some of you may have seen that in recent weeks the city of Iquitos and the surrounding area have been hit by very heavy flooding. In some places the water is as high as 4m, meaning that people are living with human excrement, crocodiles, anacondas and the risk of electric shock in their homes. Others have now moved to live in roof spaces, but are struggling to find food and sanitation.