31 Oct 2012

Yucay and Calca

With only a week to go until we arrive back in the UK, things are slowly descending into semi-organised chaos here. We're half packed, we think we've found someone to look after the house, the cot is made ready for our return, and we know where our passports are.

11 Oct 2012

International Day of the Girl 2012

Today marks the first ever 'International Day of the Girl', as designated by the United Nations following a campaign by the charity 'Plan'. The purpose of the day is to highlight ongoing injustice and discrimination against girls in many parts of the world, and to campaign for changes that will help to improve lives and transform futures.

4 Oct 2012

The Henleys on Tour!

Well, time is flying by and it's now just over 4 weeks until we fly back to the UK.  We're really excited (and a little nervous!) about the impending arrival of 'El Bump' but also that we have the opportunity to spend Christmas with friends and family.

It's not all mince pies and nappies though - we will also be taking time to visit our supporters and Church Partners whilst we're home.  It will be great to be able to see you all and thank you in person for your support during our first term of service in Peru and also to be able to share more of what God's been doing and what life is like.