21 Aug 2013


The last few months have seen some pretty big changes for us - a new baby, a new car, moving house etc... As you can imagine, this has often been quite stressful, but it's also been a good opportunity to re-assess our work and ministry here and try and discern where we should be focusing our time and energy.

Alongside the work we're doing in Calca and Yucay, we've also decided to start working in a small town called Huambutio, which is about 30 minutes outside Cusco. Our colleagues Scott and Anjanette have been working in Huambutio for a couple of years now, and last year opened a clinic in the town, which runs one day a week. They have now seen over 200 patients and are beginning to build up good relationships in the community.

10 Aug 2013

Yucay Paseo

Many of you will know that for the past year we've been holding weekly English classes for children in the village of Yucay. The class has been growing steadily and we now have 10-15 children who come regularly. The children are on school holidays at the moment and we wanted to do something a little bit different with them, so yesterday we took them out on a half-day 'paseo' - a walk in the countryside followed by games and food.

5 Aug 2013

Bible Study in Yucay (at last!)

Yesterday afternoon Julia led our first Bible Study in the village of Yucay in the Sacred Valley.  We have been waiting, hoping and praying to start a meeting there for over a year now and so it was great to finally have a beginning.