18 Sep 2013

A Presidential Visit!

This weekend we were privileged to welcome Pastor Domingo Juarez Juarez to stay with us in our home.  He is the President of the Evangelical Baptist Convention (CEBP) here in Peru.

He visited our projects with us and shared a little with the folk that we met.  He also did a great job playing with Katie!

It was great to get to know him better and come to understand a bit more of how our work fits into the bigger picture.

Please pray for him as he has the unenviable task of leading an organisation of over 200 churches spread over a huge and varied country, as well leading his own church in Ayacucho. He is a busy man!

Pastor Domingo with the Puma family after our Bible study in Yucay.

1 Sep 2013

End of a chapter

Many of you will have been following our progress with the group in Calca. We were asked to help lead the group at the end of September last year and have been working alongside Hermana (Sister) Julia since then as she faithfully evangelises and serves her community.