25 Jan 2014

The Final Countdown

We've just seven days left until we leave Peru, and life at the moment is a fairly frantic blur of boxes, packing, paperwork, visits to the immigrations office and police, more paperwork and desperately trying to remember everything that we need to do!

Our work hasn't gone completely on hold though, and we've been busy trying to make the most of our last few weeks here and 'end well'.

In Yucay we've made the most of the school summer holidays to hold a couple of special activity mornings for some of the children we've been working with over the last couple of years. These included Bible stories, games and worksheets and seemed to be good fun! Please pray for all the children we've seen in Yucay - pray that whatever seeds of the kingdom have been sown would continue to grow and flourish.

In Huambutio we've also been making use of the holidays to run, along with others from El Puente, a weekly children's club based around the theme of 'Creation'. Thanks to a a lot of hard work, especially from our colleague Carla, the children have had a great time learning the creation story and making some impressive craft to take home. Please pray for Carla (a BMS supported partner worker) and the rest of the team working in Huambutio. We're excited about what the future has to bring for the project there, and believe that God has great plans for the town.

Finally, last week James was back in Nauta teaching at the Training Centre for pastors and leaders. Although
there were slightly less there than normal, it was another great week focussed on an introduction to the Bible and some basics of Christian doctrine. This is the start of the third full year of courses at the training centre - please pray for the whole team working there, especially as they try to discern how God wants them to keep adapting and improving what they are offering. Pray also for the pastors and leaders who come along - that they would have unity and the strength to keep going in often very difficult circumstances.

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