Peru is a country of contrasts, from the tropical Amazonian region through the snow-covered Andean mountains to dry desert. It is in the rural areas that the Baptist Church is most limited. About half the population of Peru is of Quechua Indian origin. This large indigenous presence has preserved not only the Quechua and Aymara languages, but also a strong animistic strand within the traditional Roman Catholic spirituality of the country.

BMS World Mission is partnering with the Peruvian Baptist Convention (CEBP) in the areas of holistic mission to deprived urban communities and lay mission leader training, to strengthen the mission witness of their churches.

Current BMS workers include:

We live in the city of Cusco and are currently working in two towns in the Sacred Valley - Yucay and Calca. The work we're involved in includes church planting and  lay theological training as well as developing a project helping Baptist churches to reach out to and care for the elderly.

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